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Discover the Best Spirits in Alberta at Hawke Prohibition Distilleries

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable drinking experience in Alberta? Look no further than Hawke Prohibition Distilleries, where we specialize in crafting Cream liquor with a prohibition-era twist.

Our distillery is located in the heart of Alberta, where we combine traditional distilling techniques with modern technology to create exceptional spirits that are perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails. Our team of skilled distillers uses only the finest local ingredients to ensure that every sip of our spirits is packed with rich, complex flavors and aromas.

At Hawke Prohibition Distilleries, we offer a wide range of spirits, including gin, vodka, float and cream. Our flagship product is our Thick & Dirty Cream liquor, serve on ice, with your coffee, over ice cream. Whip it real good over desserts, use as dessert. Use as breakfast, use before skiing or golfing. Oh and maybe try a paralyzer, we thought it was amazing, etc…

In addition to our Thick & Dirty Cream liquor, we also offer a range of other spirits, including our smooth and Vodka and our rich and flavorful Gin. No matter what your taste preferences are, you are sure to find a spirit that you love at Hawke Prohibition Distilleries.

If you are looking for a truly unique and unforgettable drinking experience in Alberta, then look no further than Hawke Prohibition Distilleries. Visit us today to try our exceptional spirits and discover the flavors of the prohibition era in Alberta.

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